16/08/1993 °Antwerpen (B) 

Studio @Nucleo vzw Gent (B) 



2017-2019 Specific teacher formation Fine arts KASK School of arts Ghent 

2015-2017 Master Fine Arts (Drawing) KASK School of arts Ghent, with Distinction

2012-2015 Bachelor Fine arts (Drawing) KASK School of arts Ghent, with Distinction

2014-2015 First semester Erasmus EBABX Bordeaux (FR)


2017 Selected for Drawing Prize Ronse edition #49 

2015 Second Prise ‘COLLAGE MINIMAL’, Kunstwerkt, Verbeke Foundations. 


° 13,14,15 Feb 2020 // Enter the void, exit through the gift shop, curated Bookshop/installation, curated by Nein Arts, CAMPO, Ghent

° May 2020 // De nieuwe garde, Kunst in Huis, Zuiderspershuis, Antwerp 

Selection of group-and solo exhibitions

2019 Domestic club December edition, mailart project, Ghent

2019 Duo-expo Pré-Garden, with Romane Claus, Pleasure Island Oostende

2019 AAABF, Antwerp Academy Art Bookfair

2019 Open studio & Poldersalon, Blanco, Nucleo, Ghent

2019 WIELS Artbook Fair, Brussels 

2019 'COINCIDENCES' , Platvvorm Deinze.

2019 'LÖSS', Kunstenfestival, SABK Zottegem.

2019 GABF, Ghent Art Book Fair, Kunsthal Ghent

2019 'Neighbours Vol.8- Artist Collections', RIOT Ghent.​

2019 'Krijt in de broek', Abc-Klubhuis, Antwerp.

2018 Christmas Art Fair 1, Ontsteking, Ghent

2018 Open studio's Nucleo, projectruimte Lindenlei, Ghent.

2018 Kunst@de Poel, Music academy, Ghent

2018 Residency @DOK Noord (BLANCO), Ghent

2018 Artist Books @ 'Les Voizines', MIAT, Ghent

2018 Vitrine 'Thumbs up', Curiosity, Brugsepoort, Ghent

​2018 Vitrine/Book Launch 'PALMEIRA 2', Praetoria vzw, Berchem

2018 'PALMEIRA', solo at Blanco, Ghent

2018 Live Drawing, - URB 'Urban Art Festival Brugge', Brugge

2018 KAVIR, at Cinema Galeries, Subbacultcha, Brussels 

2017 Live Drawing with Dolly BingBing (Elisabeth Van Dam) and Alien observer, 2017 Het Zoekend Hert, Antwerp. 

2017 Residency ‘Playgrounds’, curated by XRivista at ‘Le Maga’, Bruxelles. 

2017 Graduation Master Group exhibition, KASK Gent.  

2017 ‘De langste dag’, ZINK, Berchem

2017 ‘Page space fold page’ with Stefaan DHeedene and Sophie Nys, KASK,Ghent.

2017 MAP Project ‘JARDIN D’HIVER’, Glazen gang KASK Ghent.

2016 STOCK #2 ‘Copy Paste’, Pavilioen KASK Ghent.

2016 ‘SPAANS HUIS’, Spaans huis, Ghent.

2016 ‘DRAWING FRONT’, Drawing Centre Diepenheim (NL).

2016 ‘The Saint, the fox and their Dictionnary’, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

2015 ‘Fixatif’, Zwarte zaal, KASK Ghent.

2015 ‘Een continu uur’, Zwarte zaal, Kask, Ghent.

2015 ‘Collage Minimal’, Kunstwerkt, Verbeke Foundation

2015 ‘De Wachter’, vzw/gallery Praetoria, Berchem.

2015 ‘Doublexpo II’ with Romane Claus, Antwerp.

2015 ‘KOMPARASART’, Loods 12, Wetteren.

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