(from up to down)

1. Totem in studio, mixed media, 2018

2. 'Empty pool', 150x110cm, acrylic and ink on paper, 2018

3. sketch of 'Mainstream Gucci Legs', A5, marker on paper. 

4. 'Mr. Filip De Stoute', acrylic and ink on paper, 110x150cm, 2018.

5. 'Palmeira', Publication in collaboration with Mert Sen, Edition of /50, as part of the exhibition 'Palmeira' at Blanco (Ghent), picture here Solo expo 'Palmeira 2', at Praetoria Gallery, Antwerp. 

6. Residency 'Playgrounds', at Le Maga Brussels, curated by XRivista, drawing of 1mx10m made during residency on the topic of the tropical storm in 2017 'Irma'.And the palm in all its' various shapes. 

7.  'Alain Deloin', acrylic and ink on paper, bamboo frame, 2018. 

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