Stranger around the corner

1/ 'A stranger around the corner', 40x60cm, ink and acrylic on canvas, 2018.

2/ Installation view of Open studio's at Lindenlei, Nucleo, Ghent.

3/ 'Lacoste masquotte', 100x210cm, acrylic, ink, spray on canvas, 2018.

4/ 'Forever', ink and acrylic on canvas, 24x29cm, 2018. 

5/ series on canvas, 21x29cm, 2018

6/ 'Passing by 1',, acrylic, wasco and ink on canvas, each canvas x2, 70x100cm, 2018

7/ Detail of 'Sunken Gardens', acrylic and ink on canvas, 150x210 cm, 2018. 

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